Born in Athens, Greece.
Lives & works in London, United Kingdom.

Instagram - @bubblyblably


Athens University of Economics and Business. 

Department of Business Administration.


Mastered 2017

Fashion Photography.

Selected Projects

May, 2016

"1+1=1"  featured in Magnum's Photography Awards 2016 Competition Gallery.



August, 2016

"Athens 2016" for Damaged.

November, 2016

"Jack" for Kaltblut.

December, 2016

"Killing me softly" cover story for Dreamingless.

December, 2016

"La la land" for Sticks & Stones.

December, 2016

"Blame it all on me" for Damaged.

January, 2017

"Blue Monday" for Atlas.

March, 2017

"Personality crisis" for Hautepunch.

April, 2017 

"Desert days" for Folkr.

May, 2017

"Flower-Head" for Toksick.

May, 2017

"The hunger" for Unblock.


May, 2017

"American raw" for Sicky.


June, 2017

"Out of the blue" for Vulkan.

July, 2017

"Balance" for Feroce.

August, 2017

"Head in the clouds" for Solstice.

August, 2017

"Galeriste" for Damaged.

August, 2017

"School days are over" for Aserica.

August, 2017

"The canvas" for Sicky.

August, 2017

"Memories of Sounio" for Vulkan.

 September, 2017 

"Charlie" for Lucy's.

 September, 2017

"Lieutenant" for Vulkan.

 September, 2017 

"A black odyssey" for Cake.

 October, 2017 

"Static movement" for Atlas.